Common Post-Procedure Instructions After A Brow Lift

Wrinkles. Creases. Fine lines. Words that any aging person knows all too well. As the signs of aging start to creep their way onto your face, your eyes and forehead tend to be the first victims. These wrinkles only grow larger and deeper over time, settling in permanently on top of your once-smooth skin. This can create the appearance of a furrowed brow or an aging face well beyond your actual years. If these blemishes are causing you to stress about the way you look, then a brow lift is in order immediately. Below, we look at common post-procedure instructions after a brow lift.

Common Post-Procedure Instructions After a Brow Lift

Brow lifts typically involve surgery with full anesthesia. In this article, we will talk about the surgery process and go through the most common post-procedure instructions after a brow lift. You have a variety of amazing options when it comes to getting a brow lift for total rejuvenation.

What Brow Lifts Treat

Brow lifts are designed to reduce or completely remove the wrinkles that have formed in your brow area after many years. After aging or an injury, your brow might be dealing with creases that have totally ruined your once-enjoyable appearance. If you are looking to rejuvenate your facade, and you can handle anesthesia, you might be in good condition for a brow lift.

There are many different types of brow lifts that we offer in Honolulu. The most popular and traditional type of brow lift uses surgical incisions to tighten the skin while strengthening the muscles underneath. This can get rid of wrinkles while boosting the health of the skin so it stays looking young for longer. Brow lifts are typically designed to treat fine lines, wrinkles, 11s, and crow’s feet in the upper facial area.

The Surgery Process

During your consultation, your doctors will come up with a personal plan of care that best works with your own needs. During surgery, there will be a few small incisions made along your hairline. These scars will heal over time while being covered by skin and hair. After incisions are made, the surgeon will place a small tool inside to stretch your forehead skin upward. This helps your skin retain elasticity while looking a lot younger in an instant.

As long as you can follow the post-recovery instructions given to you by your surgeon, you should have an easy healing process. You can discuss more details during your consultation to ensure you are completely prepared following your brow lift surgery.

Post-Procedure Brow Lift Recovery

Depending on the type of surgical technique used during your brow lift, you can expect to take about 10-14 days away from work in order to heal. The initial days of healing can involve swelling and pain. So it is appropriate to use over-the-counter painkillers at this time. Make sure you schedule plenty of time off and surround yourself with caretakers who can cover your needs while you heal.

Here are some tips that can keep you comfortable during this process:

  • Keep your head elevated while you sleep to prevent blood drains or clots.
  • You will be sent home with bandages around your head that will need to remain on until your surgeon clears you to remove them.
  • You will also have stitches around your head; make sure not to touch the surgery site while it is healing.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, as hydration is key to helping your body fight off infection and heal quickly.
  • You can use makeup to gently cover up some of your scars and bruises as you are still healing.

It is important to know that the healing process happens in a series of phases. Your skin has many layers, and outer healing occurs first. You may look totally healed on the surface after the first couple of weeks. However, it will take a few months longer for internal healing to complete. Make sure to take care of yourself and be gentle with your skin throughout the entire recovery process.

Ensure Smooth Recovery and Long-Lasting Results

A brow lift can help you gain more control over your appearance. So you can feel more prepared for the signs of aging in the future. This procedure offers years of rejuvenating results that can keep you looking and feeling young for a long time. To get started with your brow lift treatment plan, contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation. You can talk about your cosmetic goals and we will work with you to determine how a surgical brow lift can get you closer to those goals.

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