Top Reasons for Earlobe Repair

Have you ever heard of earlobe repair surgery? Just like eyelid surgery, earlobe repair can help to reshape and reform malformed parts of your earlobe. Maybe you damaged your earlobes after a physical injury. Or, maybe one of your ears is greatly misshapen, and you would like to achieve a better aesthetic appearance. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to improve the look and feel of your earlobes, there is a surgery designed to meet your needs. Below, we cover our top reasons for earlobe repair.

Top Reasons for Earlobe Repair

Today, experts from Dr. Bradford Lee’s office will discuss the top reasons for earlobe repair so you can understand exactly what this surgery is designed for.

Stretched Earlobes

People stretch their earlobes for a number of reasons. While this is not an inherently unhealthy practice, it can lead to severely drooping earlobe skin that some people grow to regret. If you used to wear gauges in your ears and you no longer wish to show off that kind of aesthetic, you can reverse time with an earlobe repair procedure. We will work to heal your damaged skin and close up the hole that has widened over the years. Our standard earlobe repair surgery takes less than an hour and is performed under local anesthesia.


Popular yet unlikable, keloids are bumpy scars that can develop on the skin as a result of surgery or physical trauma. Keloids can get bigger if not treated right away. They are especially prominent on the ears after a botched piercing. These painful lumps can both feel and look bad. You might be looking to repair your keloid scars right away; in that case, our earlobe repair treatments might be a good solution for you. Our goal is to heal the outer layers of the skin and remove your damaged cells. This inspires new growth, rejuvenating your earlobes and tightening up those loose and flabby areas.


Getting older comes with a mixed bag of emotions. There are some beautiful things to look forward to as you age. At the same time, your body goes through drastic physical changes that can feel pretty demotivating. Wrinkles and sagging skin are some of the first symptoms of getting older. The aging process tugs at your earlobes, pulling them down over time. This excess flab can be removed by our specialty surgery process that targets aging skin for immediate treatment.

Torn or Ripped Earlobes

Though it sounds terrible, torn earlobes can happen. You might be wearing too much jewelry that is too heavy for your ears to handle. Over time, all the pulling and stretching wears your skin thin. It may one day completely snap and tear part of your earlobe cartilage. This can be very painful and cause bleeding or irritation right away. The best plan is to visit your local urgent care center and then schedule an appointment with us for immediate earlobe repair. The faster you seek treatment, the more likely it is that you will avoid infection and disfigurement.

Aesthetic Desire

Having asymmetrical earlobes can be embarrassing. A lot of people are hesitant in social situations because they worry about being teased or bullied because of their misshapen ears. Even if your earlobe concerns are not that dramatic, there are plenty of valid reasons for wanting to address them. We understand the importance of looking good. Still, our cosmetic treatments are designed to help you feel good about the way you look on the outside, which helps you feel more confident about the way you are inside as well.

Wanting to Wear Jewelry Again

Torn, ripped, or stretched earlobes can be painful to deal with. Not only are there physical and social concerns to deal with, but you also have to wonder about your ability to wear jewelry. If your ears are too damaged, will you ever be able to adorn them with accessories again? Before you let your skin stretch too far or your keloids get too out of control, get in touch with a local oculofacial specialist. We offer solutions designed for situations just like this.

Contact Dr. Bradford Lee for All Earlobe Repair Needs

Dr. Bradford Lee is your local earlobe repair specialist in Hawaii, offering personalized solutions to damaged and aging skin. Your earlobes go through a lot in life, supporting beautiful pieces of jewelry while being pulled down by gravity and time. You can continue using your beautiful ears to express yourself with a treatment designed to uplift your needs. We hope to inspire confidence and better skin health with procedures designed to live your life with you. Contact our face and eyelid surgeon today to get started!

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