What Is an Under-Eye Fat Transfer?

Stress can show itself in a number of ways. Some people show stress through their behaviors as they become irritable and grumpy throughout the day. Others might develop a skin condition like hives or acne because the body is retaining toxins in a panic. But, for most, stress tends to rear its ugly head by becoming dark circles of sunken skin and puffy fat deposits right underneath the eyes. What is an under-eye fat transfer?

What Is an Under-Eye Fat Transfer?

Injuries and aging can also create some pretty unsavory looks. If you are having trouble seeing a young and chipper version of yourself in the mirror due to your under-eye bags, you might be the perfect candidate for a professional eyelid fat transfer procedure. But what is an under-eye fat transfer, exactly, and how does it help to rejuvenate stressed-out skin? Keep reading to find out.

How Surgery Can Heal and Beautify Your Eyes

An under-eye fat transfer is a type of eyelid surgery that serves both cosmetic and medical purposes. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, utilizes a series of techniques to lift and reshape your sagging eyelids. Whether you struggle with upper eyelids drooping and falling into your eyes, or you are more concerned with fat deposits showing up underneath, there may be a type of eyelid surgery that works best for you.

Under-eye fat transfer procedures are perfect for anyone who wants to remove stubborn pockets of fat from their lower lids. Illness, stress, aging, and a lack of essential ingredients can cause this area of the face to suffer from some pretty uncomfortable blemishes. While a driving desire to get rid of these blemishes is cosmetic, there can also be some health risks associated with under-eye bags. For example, long-term eye bags can be a sign of stress and sleep deprivation. This means you are not getting the essential nutrients that your body needs and matters will only get worse if you do not seek proper treatment.

Steps to the Under-Eye Fat Transfer Process

We work hard to ensure effective results and long-lasting satisfaction. Depending on the amount of fat stored under your eyes, the fat-transfer process may begin with a small incision to remove stubborn fat. The rest of the area under the eyes needs to receive healthy fat in order to encourage new collagen production. Collagen is the nutrient that keeps your skin healthy and free of dark spots and blemishes. By transferring unhealthy fat out and healthy fat in, we are encouraging youth and vitality in areas that need it the most.

You may feel a few side effects of the procedure during the initial recovery period. For example, some patients will feel sensitivity in the treatment area for a few days. You can take over-the-counter medication to get rid of pain and swelling that may occur. After the initial week or so of recovery, you should be free to resume your normal activities. However, make sure not to do anything too strenuous as the healing often happens from the outside in.

How to Defy Aging with a Fat Transfer Surgery

The under-eye fat transfer is an innovative technique developed to combat the symptoms of sunken eyes and dark under-eye circles. This can be done in combination with other facial fat grafting techniques along the face and neck to achieve total cosmetic harmony. The signs of aging often hit the eyelids first because these are thin layers of skin with heightened sensitivity. This procedure keeps that in mind while providing gentle yet effective treatment.

Under-Eye Fat Transfer Success Rates

You may have heard that natural fat harvesting procedures do not last a very long time. Some of the harvested fat from your own body may get resorbed back into it eventually. While this going to happen sooner or later, there are ways to prevent total fat recession to maintain your new shape. More than 50% of the transferred fat will stay there long after the recovery process.

If you are still unsatisfied with your results after a few years have gone by, you can always sign up for one of our revision eyelid surgery procedures. We will correct past mistakes and make more permanent changes that will help you stay on the path to achieving total self-confidence.

Schedule Your Fat Transfer Consultation Today

If you act fast, you can counter the signs of aging before they take a permanent toll. You can reverse some of the biggest symptoms of stress that have totally transformed your face from the young facade you once had. You can get back to your more youthful self when you contact us and schedule your very first consultation.

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