Why Fat Transfer is Becoming So Popular

Whether due to aging, damaged, or injured skin, you may start to experience sags and wrinkles around the face. As you get older, the collagen in your skin stops being produced at such a high rate. Since collagen is responsible for your skin’s elasticity, this means that your skin is more likely to form sags and wrinkles. It also means that some of the fat in your body can collect in places where there was previously no fat buildup before. Let’s look at why fat transfer is becoming so popular.

Why Fat Transfer is Becoming So Popular

Because of this, it may be easy to guess why fat transfer is becoming so popular among our Hawaii patients. Below are a few reasons why you may want to consider a personalized fat transfer in Honolulu this season.

Long-Term Results are Guaranteed

Many patients opt for fat transfer procedures because of the results that can last a lifetime. Those tired of forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, smile lines, and hollow cheeks can invest in this kind of treatment for a new and youthful look.

Fat transfers are very successful. In most cases, about 50% of the fat used in a fat transfer stays settled in its new location. The more fat that does this, the better and longer-lasting your results will be.

The Procedure is Very Safe

The fact transfer process is considered to be a safe plastic surgery procedure, meant to help reduce wrinkles and sags in your skin. Most patients invest in fat transfer to assist in issues with the skin on the face. Especially around the mouth and eyes. The natural fat transfer process takes fat from certain parts of your body. It then moves it to the parts of your skin that need a boost of collagen to remain wrinkle-free.

This is a safe procedure with very high success results. It is rare that a patient suffers from any negative side effects or risks that could reverse the success of the procedure itself. If you are someone who is allergic to latex and dermal fillers, or if you are someone who may be sensitive to other types of surgery, this might be the best procedure for you.

You Can Combat the Signs of Aging

Aging is a natural part of life that cannot be ignored. But that does not mean you need to feel terrible about the way you feel every time you look in the mirror. Excessive wrinkling and sagging could not only lead to a dip in self-confidence. But it can also have serious effects on your physical health. In some cases, patients experience skin sagging that is so bad it causes the eyelids to droop over the eyes, obstructing their vision.

A fat transfer is a quick and effective way to get much-needed treatment without breaking the bank. If the signs of aging are causing you to suffer from daily interruptions in your health and well-being, it’s time to visit a doctor to talk about your fat transfer treatment options.

Find the Right Procedure for You!

At the office of Dr. Bradford Lee, we provide top-tier services to patients looking to improve their physical, mental, and social health with one simple surgery. If your skin has started to majorly sag, you should schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Bradford Lee ASAP. You may be a likely candidate for fat transfer or eyelid surgery in Honolulu for the betterment of your own health.

Get in touch with our friendly experts today to learn more about the different types of fat transfer services available. Depending on your personal needs, you can get set up with the best procedure right away. Give us a call at your earliest convenience!

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