Best Surgery for Dark Circles

Are you feeling tired lately? Do you eat poorly? Are you feeling tension? If you answered “yes” or more to these questions, then you might be suffering from physical symptoms related to your pain. The most common sign is bagging or ringing under your eyes. Let’s look at the best surgery for dark circles removal.

Best Surgery for Dark Circles

Bradford Lee’s office offers many options for treating dark circles under the eyes. One of the most common treatments for those dealing with under-eye circles is eyelid surgery in Honolulu, which can restore a youthful look to your face with one easy treatment. It is important to understand the causes of and best surgery for dark circles under your eyes before you visit your doctor.

Common Causes of Dark Circles under the Eyes

Laser resurfacing is not the only treatment for all cases of dark circles or eye bags. There are many reasons someone might develop circles under their eyes at any point in their life:

  • Age
  • Congenital diseases
  • Prenatal condition
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Tiredness and stress
  • Recent trauma

The above-mentioned factors, except for trauma and stress, are rarely a cause of concern. If you notice the circles under your eyes becoming more prominent than usual, it is worth looking for the best treatment options. Our certified staff members can set up a personal consultation for you in order to determine the cause of your dark circles and come up with a subsequent course of action.

Aging and Dark Circles

Bags under the eyes and shadows are most commonly caused by aging. Our skin loses elasticity and volume as we age. Under the eyes is the most obvious place where this happens. Bags form in the lower eyelids due to displaced fat. Swollen and puffy eyes can cast shadows.

Doctors use advanced laser technology to treat pigmentation and reduce vascularity. Laser therapy can reduce dark circles around the eyes, as well as smoothen wrinkles. Laser therapy uses light energy to exfoliate skin and reduce fluid spreading from broken capillaries. Lasers can reduce skin laxity by collagen induction and remodeling. This results in visible improvement in the appearance of dark circles.

How Lower Eyelid Surgery Can Help

Lower eyelid surgeries are also known as blepharoplasty. They are designed to reduce under-eye bags and drooping eyes in order for you to look brighter. Dark circles can be eliminated completely with lower lid surgery. One of the most common age-defying methods in the world is blepharoplasty.

This type of cosmetic surgery in Honolulu can not only improve your visual appearance but can also increase your self-confidence. Many clients also report clearer vision due to the removal of excess skin. This can help prevent blurred vision.

Drink Water When Doubtful

Drink lots of water if you wake up with dark circles under your eyes and feel tired and puffy. Hydration is the key to natural skin healing.

Get a large glass of water when you get up in the morning. As the day progresses, you may notice your under-eye bags diminish. Water is a natural remedy for your eyes and can also help to keep your whole body healthy.

Eliminate Unflattering Blemishes

To learn more about the benefits of lower eyelid surgery in Honolulu, connect with Dr. Lee today. This fast surgery may be the right choice for you, regardless of whether you have sagging eyelids or excessive wrinkles. You can reverse the effects of aging and reduce wrinkles to enjoy a wide-eyed, intense face as soon as you like.

We love to improve the appearance of our clients’ eyelids with customized care. Learn how to rejuvenate your eyes and give your face a younger appearance. We want you to find joy in looking into the mirror again. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you!

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