How Lasers Can Remove Dark Circles

Are you feeling tired lately? Are you eating poorly? Do you feel tension or excessive eating? You might be experiencing physical symptoms of your pain if you answered “yes” to any of these questions. Bags or circles under your eyes are the most common physical sign. Let’s look at how lasers can remove dark circles.

How Lasers Can Remove Dark Circles

The office of Bradford Lee offers a variety of surgical options and treatments to reduce dark circles under the eyes with Eyelid surgery in Honolulu. Before you come in for treatment, it is important to know exactly what triggers these dark spots below your eyes, and how lasers can remove dark circles in the most effective way.

How Laser Processes Work

Laser treatments for skin conditions can stimulate the production of collagen in the lower skin layers. This is one of the most important benefits. Collagen is a protein that holds tissue together and gives it fullness. It is naturally produced by the body, but it decreases in quantity with age.

Laser treatments that stimulate collagen production can be used with the technology behind lasers. The energy is absorbed by the lower layers of the skin without damaging the upper layers. The laser energy is converted into heat when it is absorbed by skin tissue. Heat is what causes the body’s production of more collagen. Collagen can restore fullness and help reduce dark circles under the eyes. It also helps to minimize the impact of blood vessels under the skin on appearance.

Typical Causes for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Not every case of eye bags or dark circles needs to be removed with laser resurfacing treatments. Still, a few of the most typical reasons somebody might get circles under their eyes for other reasons:

  • Congenital disorders. Hyperpigmentation is a possible factor.
  • Age. As they age, seniors tend to show imperfections and circles.
  • Tiredness. Exercising too much can cause eye bags and dark circles. You might want to consult a sleep doctor if this is the case.

The above factors, aside from tiredness are usually not a cause for concern. However, you may want to seek out the best treatment options if the circles appear under your eyes more often than usual.

  • Age
  • Congenital disease
  • Prenatal condition
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stress and tiredness
  • Recent trauma

Aside from stress and trauma, the above factors are usually no cause for issue. Nevertheless, if you are observing the circles under your eyes more than typical recently, you might wish to look for the best treatment solutions.

Benefits of Laser Surgery for Dark Circles

Advanced laser technology finds use by doctors to treat pigmentation around the eyes and to reduce vascularity. It helps reduce any dark circles under the eyes and even helps smooth out wrinkles. Laser therapy uses light energy to exfoliate the skin and reduce fluid spread from broken capillaries. Additionally, lasers can reduce skin laxity through collagen induction and remodeling, which results in visible improvements in dark circles’ appearance.

Get Rid of Unflattering Circles Today!

To learn more about the best options for eyelid surgeries in Honolulu, connect with Dr. Lee today. There are a number of treatments available, and laser skin resurfacing in Honolulu may be the right choice for you when looking to reverse the signs of aging. Still, you can reverse the effects of aging and reduce wrinkles to enjoy a wide-eyed, intense face as soon as you like.

We love to improve the appearance of our clients’ eyelids with customized care. Learn how to rejuvenate your eyes and give your face a younger appearance. We want you to find joy in looking into the mirror again. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you!

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