What To Do Before and After Revision Eyelid Surgery: Vital Steps

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Our guide covers what to do before and after revision eyelid surgery. Revision eyelid surgery amends some missteps that were enacted during an initial eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is a delicate operation that should be performed only by qualified professionals who are specialists in their field. Anything short of that can result in less than … Read more

What Is the Best Age for Double Eyelid Surgery?

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Double eyelid surgery has recently skyrocketed in popularity in terms of plastic surgery procedures. At once aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic, it has a lot to offer prospective clients. So what is the best age for double eyelid surgery? What Is the Best Age for Double Eyelid Surgery? Many who might be interested, however, might have … Read more

How Eyelid Surgery Improves Your Appearance

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Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a very popular plastic surgery operation where a physician modifies the skin and muscles surrounding the eyelids in order to create a renewed and beautified appearance. Below we cover how eyelid surgery improves your appearance. How Eyelid Surgery Improves Your Appearance Many patients find that the results of successful eyelid … Read more

Traditional Facelift vs Non-Invasive Facelift

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A facelift is a powerful procedure that can reinvigorate your appearance and dull the wear and tear of the years. For these reasons, the procedure has rightfully held a place as one of plastic surgery’s most sought-after and popular operations. Let’s compare a traditional facelift vs a non-invasive facelift. Traditional Facelift vs Non-Invasive Facelift Over … Read more

What Can Revision Eyelid Surgery Change?

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Those who are suffering from sagging, drooping, or misaligned eyelids might become a candidate for upper or lower blepharoplasty. This eyelid surgery is designed to remove excess pockets of skin and fat around the eyes, restoring a youthful appearance and creating a better overall aesthetic look. However, from time to time, a complication can occur … Read more

Surprising Benefits of Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Asian eyelid surgery, also known as a double blepharoplasty or a double lid lift, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery features in the world. Patients from across the globe seek out the surprising benefits of Asian eyelid surgery, from increased youthfulness to brand-new makeup opportunities. Those who visit Dr. Bradford Lee for expert-led … Read more

Can a Brow Lift Improve My Vision?

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A forehead lift, also known as a brow lift, is a common cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your face. It prevents sagging eyebrows and restores youthfulness. You can correct any symmetry problems by lifting the skin and tissues around the eyes and forehead. This will make you feel more confident about how you … Read more

Benefits of Combining Eyelid Surgeries

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If you’re dealing with sagging, sinking, or discolored eyelids, you may be struggling with a number of different conditions. You might have a skin condition, or you may simply be experiencing the signs of aging as your skin loses its elasticity over time. Whatever the reason, it’s natural to want to straighten up the loose … Read more

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