Guide to Under-Eye Fat Transfer

As time progresses, the effects of aging, skin damage, or injuries can start to show up more and more. Typically, it will manifest in sags and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes. The decline in collagen production with age affects the skin’s elasticity, making it prone to sags and wrinkles – especially in areas with excess skin. This can lead to fat building up and getting stuck under the eyes, changing your facial appearance to something less pleasing. Below we have our guide to under-eye fat transfer.

Guide to Under-Eye Fat Transfer

With all of these sudden changes, you might be in the market for an eyelid fat transfer surgery, which harvests healthy fat from your body and replaces it under your eyes. This innovative procedure has emerged as a popular solution to help patients improve the health and the look of excess fatty skin around their face. In this guide to under-eye fat transfer, we will delve into the details of the surgery while spelling out the various benefits you can come to expect.

Understanding Lower Eyelid Surgery

Before we get into the details of under-eye fat transfers, we should talk about lower eyelid surgery, which is recommended when excess skin starts to droop under the eyes. Lower eyelid surgery encompasses various approaches, depending on the underlying cause of eye bags and accompanying symptoms such as dark circles or hanging eyelids.

The procedure typically involves the removal of excess fat beneath the eyelids, restoring the skin’s shape around the eyes. Other techniques may include skin removal coupled with fat or skin grafting to impart a fuller, more youthful look to the eyelids (and surrounding facial structure). In some cases, the surgeon will want to combine a lower eyelid surgery with under-eye fat transfers.

How to Safely Transfer Fat From Your Eyes

Fat transfer procedures are built to alleviate wrinkles and skin sags in the safest and most effective ways possible. Most patients opt for fat transfer to address facial skin concerns, particularly around the eyes and mouth, but they often worry about potential side effects and intensive recovery needs. The procedure involves taking viable fat from other parts of the body and reinserting it into the skin under the eyes, encouraging the production of new collagen.

This procedure boasts a high safety profile and success rates across the globe. Instances of adverse side effects or risks that could compromise the success of this treatment are pretty rare, although patients should know that some uncommon side effects include allergic reactions and similar sensitivities. You can speak with your surgeon during a one-on-one consultation to learn more about avoiding any potential risk.

Get the Long-Term Results You Deserve

Many individuals choose fat transfer procedures due to the potential for long-lasting results. This is understandable, as you should be able to enjoy a youthful glow for a very long time. Since the purpose of this procedure is to help you combat forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, it is important that its rejuvenating effects are here to stay.

Therefore, you may be happy to know that fat transfers exhibit a high success rate, with approximately 50% of the transferred fat retaining its position in the new location. The greater the proportion of fat that remains, the more favorable and enduring the results become. After an initial appointment with your surgical team, you will have a better idea of your chances for long-term success.

Countering the Aging Process

There may not be a way to stop time, but you can certainly stop it from having such intense effects on your face. Excessive wrinkles and sags can impact your self-confidence and physical health as you continue to neglect your care. Not to mention, severely sagging skin can cause obstructions in your eyes, making it more and more difficult to see clearly.

Fat transfer surgery offers a swift and efficient means to receive essential treatment for the often-neglected area under your eyes, without forcing you to deplete your bank account. If signs of aging are starting to significantly affect your daily life and well-being, you should reach out to us as soon as you can.

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