Best Options for Financing Eyelid Surgery in 2023

No matter your budget or financial situation, paying for your own self-care in this day and age is well worth whatever costs may come. You deserve to look and feel as amazing as ever, and there are thankfully a variety of treatments available to help you reach your goals fast. Below, we cover our best options for financing eyelid surgery in 2023.

Best Options for Financing Eyelid Surgery in 2023

At the office of Dr. Bradford Lee, we help patients remove years off of their faces by lifting sagging skin with lower and upper eyelid surgery. These procedures are designed to remove dark circles, raise droopy lids, and help you feel rejuvenated from the inside out. Today, we will go over some of the best options for financing eyelid surgery in 2023 so you know exactly how to afford your next physical treatment.

Personal Financing

If you have a healthy savings account, you may not need additional financial help to afford your eyelid surgery. Depending on the complexity of the procedure as well as the results you are trying to achieve, you may be able to put down a lump sum before even starting your procedure. Personal savings is always the best way to pay for a procedure as you will not be left with any outstanding debt or medical bills.

Medical Credit Card Options

Some hospitals and medical groups will allow you to apply for a line of credit that can be used to pay off your procedure. Though this is not necessarily a discount on surgery, it is a flexible payment option that allows you to pay over time to keep your monthly costs low. You will want to speak with one of our representatives about your credit options if you want to go down this route.

Payment Plans

We also offer plenty of unique plans for financing surgery, giving you reasonable monthly payment amounts that you can manage for a set period of time. If you are interested in setting up a payment plan for your upper or lower blepharoplasty, you can easily do so by speaking with your doctor during your initial consultation. This is a good option for those whose procedures are not covered by insurance.

Medical Insurance

In some cases, you may be able to convince your insurance plan to cover some or all of your cosmetic surgery. But more often than not, your insurers will say that cosmetic treatments are not a medical necessity and, therefore, will not be covered. You can learn about whether or not your eyelid surgery is covered by insurance by scheduling a phone call with a case worker at your insurance company.

Personal Loan

Though this option should be used as a last resort, a personal loan is usually available to you if you want to use one to get plastic surgery. As long as you have good or decent credit, you should easily qualify for a personal loan. This is usually a fixed-rate loan that you will pay off over a period of months that is determined at the time of your loan application. If you can avoid taking out a loan, you should try to do so.

Getting a Co-Signer

If you are unable to qualify for a loan or for a medical credit card on your own, you may have more success financing your procedure if you bring on a co-signer. This means that you are enlisting the aid of someone (usually a family member) who has good credit, and who can get more easily approved for a loan. A co-signer can help you improve your own credibility as well while you enjoy a wealth of new payment opportunities.

Why You Need Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty procedures are designed to greatly improve the symmetry and outer harmony of the eyes while lifting years of droops and wrinkles from the face. This can give someone a completely refreshed look, rejuvenating their skin from the inside out to promote the production of collagen. If your overall health and well-being are important to you, then you are likely trying to find the best financing option that works for you right now.

You do not have to go through this process alone. Dr. Bradford Lee and his team of experts are leaders in both technology and technique, promising incredible and natural-looking results from all of our eyelid treatments. When you are ready to take the next step in feeling and looking your best, get in touch with one of our representatives to schedule your consultation. There are more ways to afford plastic surgery than you might think, so give us a visit, and we can show you how possible this journey is for you.

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